Graduate vacancies at IT firms set to grow by nearly a third

By Sooraj Shah
16 Jan 2012 View Comments

IT and telecommunications firms will increase the number of graduate jobs available by almost a third this year, with work experience an important differentiating factor between graduates.

This is the conclusion of a new report entitled The High Fliers' Graduate Market in 2012, published by employment research company High Fliers.

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The report provides statistics for 2011 and predicts recruitment themes for all industries and business sectors in 2012 using information from 100 graduate employers.

According to the report, the only sector to see a decline in applications so far this academic year is IT and telecommunications, with a 20 per cent decrease.

However, two recruiters from the sector told High Fliers that the quality of candidates has improved, even though the volume of applications has decreased.

The study found that more than half of recruiters from all sectors have warned graduates that work experience is key to being successful during the selection process.

Firms in the IT and telecommunications sector have been helping graduates get this experience by providing 655 work experience placements in 2011-12, says the report.

It also claims that the IT and telecoms sector has seen the biggest increase in graduate vacancies in comparison to other sectors since 2007, with a 45 per cent increase.

Eight other sectors, such as engineering (down 13.5 per cent), law (down 15.4 per cent) and investment banking (down 21.3 per cent), have seen a lower level of graduate vacancies since the start of the recession.

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