Babcock encrypts personal mobiles with Good Technology

By Sooraj Shah
08 Dec 2011 View Comments
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Engineering support services organisation Babcock has chosen to deploy Good Technology for its enterprise mobile solution.

The solution delivers corporate data to the employees' own devices in the form of an encrypted parcel.

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The company can therefore control the corporate data on employees' devices while the rest of a device remains free for employees to use as they wish.

The deployment is part of a wider bring-your-own-device scheme adopted by the company.

The company has traditionally issued its 27,000 staff with Blackberrys or other smartphones, but it anticipates that many staff will begin using their own devices and expects to save a considerable sum of money as a result of the scheme.

Babcock CIO Simon Parker said: "We have typically provided BlackBerrys to our employees, but there was an increasing demand from them to be able to use their own phones and we needed a solution that would offer them the choice."

Parker explained that the solution is necessary as many smartphones are insecure, although BlackBerry devices can be secured using Blackberry's enterprise solution.

"Good Technology will allow employees to securely use other smartphones," he said.

"It will allow them to distribute corporate email on secure devices that aren't necessarily intrinsically secure."

The licence for the platform will see employees charged £4 a month if they want to use their own device at work. Parker said this will cover the costs of the service.

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