National Skills Academy migrates to Salesforce

By Computing Staff
03 Aug 2011 View Comments

The National Skills Academy (NSA) for Sport and Active Leisure has migrated to the cloud-based CRM suite.

The NSA is made up of a number of bodies offering sports and leisure training programmes and certificates to businesses and the public.

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Each body within the NSA previously had its own customer database, ranging from Excel spreadsheets to CRM systems.

This meant there was a lot of duplication within the system with no ability to cross reference notes or records.

The NSA has said that it selected Salesforce CRM owing to its flexibility and integration with Microsoft Outlook.

Fujitsu acted as systems integrator for the academy.

Julia Whitehead, business development manager at the National Skills Academy for Sport and Active Leisure, said: "Fujitsu, which was recommended to us by Salesforce, moved us into the cloud within a few days, whereas managing the deployment internally would have taken weeks."

Fujitsu also integrated a number of reporting tools and dashboards, enabling a single view of metrics on customer data, campaigns, email broadcasts and users.

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