TalkTalk to go ahead with anti-malware system

By Derek du Preez
26 Nov 2010 View Comments
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TalkTalk managing director Clive Dorsman has confirmed in a blog post that the ISP provider is to go ahead with trials of its controversial anti-malware virus alert system.

The free opt-in service will monitor requests moving through the TalkTalk network then filter and record the web site URLs to which it is trying to connect.

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When the service was first announced in September, TalkTalk received a significant amount of backlash from campaigners who were worried about data and privacy. However, Dorsman insists this should not be a concern.

"This system will let customers who opt into the service know whether sites they are trying to access are infected with viruses or other malicious software," said Dorsman.

"The system simply records the destination web site URLs – it does not record details of the sender or other personal data with the URL."

TalkTalk has been in talks with the Information Commissioner's Office (ICO), which said that the necessary safeguards are in place for the service to run successfully.

"We have advised TalkTalk on the safeguards necessary to comply with the Data Protection Act and the Privacy and Electronic Communications Regulations. We expect them to make sure they are effective in practice," said an ICO spokesperson.

"As with all organisations, if we receive complaints from affected individuals we will take them seriously and look into them further".

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