BAE Systems moves business apps to private cloud

By Dave Bailey
01 Oct 2010 View Comments
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BAE has enlisted help from application logistics specialist Camwood

Global defence firm BAE Systems (BAe) has awarded a two-year contract to application logistics specialist Camwood to help it migrate its business applications to a private cloud running on Microsoft's App-V platform.

BAe's 37,500 desktop users will access the virtualised applications using Windows 7, which will replace the firm's existing XP estate.

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Camwood said the new set-up should give BAe enhanced business agility, improved security and IT governance, and reduced operational cost.

A key element of the migration will be moving desktop users to version 8 of Internet Explorer (IE), from the much less secure IE 6.

BAe Systems project director Nick Walker said: “Camwood's expertise will help us meet our long-term strategy to divorce desktop and application environments so we can simplify future upgrades.

"This means improved agility and security for the business, and allows us to take rapid advantage of new technologies rather than wait years until the next step-change cycle."

Camwood will test the compatibility of the BAe's complete portfolio of business-critical applications in advance of the planned switchover to the App-V virtual platform.

Desktop users will have an App-V client on their desktop systems, which will control applications streamed over the network from a centralised virtual application server situated in the back-end App-V infrastructure.

When appropriate, Camwood will ensure fixes are applied or other remedial action is taken to minimise the risk of service outages and business disruption.

Camwood chief executive Frank Foxall said: “Our expertise will play a big part in this BAe Systems project to migrate to Windows 7 and the App-V virtualisation platform."

BAe Systems has about 107,000 employees worldwide, and in 2009 reported revenue of £22.4bn ($36.2bn).

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