Ofcom to consult on next-generation networks

31 Jul 2009 View Comments
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BT has changed its 21CN plans

Telecoms regulator Ofcom is launching a consultation on the impact of next-generation networks on competition in the communications sector.

Next-generation networks aim to transport all information and services including voice, data and video on one IP-based network, replacing disparate networks used for each purpose.

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BT has slowed plans to replace its Public Switched Telephone Network in its entirety with its 21st Century Network plan, with important implications for the market, according to Ofcom.

"The purpose of this consultation is to present our response to recent next-generation network developments, including the latest revisions by BT to its plans," the regulator said in a document on its web site.

Whereas under previous plans Ofcom would have had to completely overhaul regulations to ensure competition, now new, more subtle rules must be drawn up to ensure competition under BT's revised plans.

The regulator also wants to ensure consumers are not unduly effected in terms of service by the slower switch to next-generation networks.

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