EC spells out antitrust processes

By Dave Bailey
07 Jan 2010 View Comments
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EU explains antitrust procedures

The European Commission Directorate General for Competition has published details of its antitrust procedures following stinging criticisms from US database giant Oracle, which is angry over the EC's handling of its proposed takeover of Sun.

Oracle has been especially critical about the time it has taken EC regulators to investigate the deal, especially since Sun is reported to be losing $100m per month since Oracle's initial offer back in April 2009.

Further reading

The EC has released three documents detailing its modus operandi: "Best practices for antitrust proceedings", "Best practices for the submission of economic evidence (both in antitrust and merger proceedings)", and "Guidance on the role of the hearing officers in the context of antitrust proceedings".

All are downloadable from the EC’s press web site.

The EC have also invited comments from companies currently involved in antitrust proceedings with the EC, and other interested parties to be sent no later 3 March.

The ruling on Oracle’s proposed acquisition of Sun is due before 27 January.

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