University going cashless with epayments

23 Jul 2008 View Comments
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Students will pay library fees and printing costs online

Liverpool John Moores University is implementing an epayments system that will eventually eradicate cash transactions for services such as printing and library fines.

The system from IT supplier Salford Software provides students with 24 hour access to online services for account credits.

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And parents will be able to log into their child's account and top it up using a credit card.

The system will improve flexibility and security, offering a personalised virtual service, said Kevin Walsh, technical director at the university.

"The primary objective of the implementation is to convert what is now a print account into a virtual purse, managed via a single web interface which can be topped-up by on-line credit transfer and automatic cash-loading machines, and can be used for both print and copy, and for the payment of library fines."

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