Marks & Spencer improves customer feedback system

03 Aug 2009 View Comments
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M&S customers
System allows M&S customers to provide feedback while shopping

Following successful trials, Marks & Spencer is expanding the functionality of a feedback system aimed at improving customer service.

The system allows clients and staff to submit feedback on any subject via SMS or the internet; the content is then analysed to identify trends, and create and send automated responses.

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The improved service now allows M&S front-line staff to provide suggestions and comments about business strategy through the system. It will also be implemented in-store for better interaction with consumer panels.

Previous trials of the service were carried out at a staff conference in July, for the collection of feedback from more than 600 attending employees.

Some 15 stores have also tested the service and enabled customers to comment on any issue while they are shopping.

Fizzback provided the system.

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