Social tools have little business value

17 Oct 2012

Last time I looked, Salesforce was selling CRM software as a service. Not quite sure where social comes into this. Or how a company like GE is transformed by it (Dreamforce 2012: The importance of social in business).

As a Salesforce customer, I don’t get it. Sure, things like Chatter provide a “social” dimension, but what we are talking about here is similar functionality to Yammer, as in it’s just a new name for an internal intranet where people post stuff that they’ve done.

I have both, and in my experience people use both platforms for little more than sharing their company good news. And that company good news is usually posted by self-serving self-publicists – those who are trying just a little bit too hard to get noticed.

Peter Whitman

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Dear Lucy, FT

You might want to catch Lucy's next workplace problem - a guy who works for a global tech company that has deployed Chatter. Staff have been told to post a min. number of chats; and senior managers will be judged on the number of chats their staff post !

I'm very much looking forward to her answer.

Posted by: Tim Manning  31 Oct 2012