Why Apple will continue to blossom

24 Sep 2012

I’ve used apple products all my life, but I do agree with a lot of what is being said (The fall of the house of Apple). My problem, though, is that I – presumably like several thousand others – have invested significant amounts in Apple’s ecosystem through paid apps (both for iOs and MacOS), films, music tracks, books and other downloads.

Yes, there is nothing to stop me jumping to another platform. But I will lose quite a lot of the media I have accumulated. That alone will probably keep me as an Apple customer longer than it would if I didn’t have this to consider.


I think you might be right in saying that Apple’s sun has passed its Zenith, but I don’t agree with your reasoning.
The iPad and iPhone will lose market share but in an expanding market, so sales will still grow. Apple’s stock price may be high but it trades at just 16 times earnings, with more growth to come, so its shares are not overpriced.

Apple has certainly made a mistake with the connector, but the thing that Apple has so right is just how well everything works together: iPhone, iPad, MacBook, even Apple TV, things just work and they work together.
Us Apple users pay a premium to live in this ecosystem and the occasional encounter with a Windows PC reminds us why it’s worth it. I would consider switching to Android devices, but if the alternative is to trade my MacBook for a Windows laptop, it’s a non-starter.

David Collins


Of course Samsung’s R&D is going to be higher, it is a component manufacturer as well as a builder of complete systems. Also Foxconn makes stuff for loads of other brands too.

Apple has never been about the highest spec, but the complete package, and, like package holidays, it is not to everyone’s taste. Sure it’s overpriced, like Mercedes is compared to Ford. By Christmas we will have a wide range of amazing phones and tablets competing against each other, but innovation and improvement gets harder each time. It is good for consumers that Apple isn’t always number one, but it’s user base and app model is too big for it to unravel any time soon.

Nick Ioannou

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