Where marketing stops and IT starts

21 Sep 2012

The management of availabilility of online services has always been a marketing concern, as has a great deal of the development of the technology (Businesses see availability management move away from IT).

What we are basically talking about here is the online shop presence – web design, online analytics, SEO and SEM, which are, and have always been, marketing decisions. Suggesting this is something new is BS of the first water.

It is also BS of the first water to imply, as Professor Nelson Phillips of Imperial College London Business School does by omission, that IT do not control the interconnectedness of all this stuff. Websites are not a technology island, they are connected to warehouses and the supply chain, they connect to finance systems for invoicing, and customer relationship management systems for orders via call centres, they connect to business intelligence for decision making.

Who does all this connecting? Not the marketing team, that’s for sure.

Mythologising the IT team as the people who previously always made the decisions and dressing up a normal situation as a drift towards decision-making by the business is a complete and total red herring – it’s NEVER been true.

The IT department sometimes leads – bringing great technology initiatives to the table – and sometimes follows, delivering on a business agenda through technology change.

Tony Defries

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