The broadband gods help those who help themselves

21 Sep 2012

Lorne Mitchell’s comments on rural broadband (Government's ‘final third’ superfast broadband solution is “Westminster myth” says ex-BT manager) should be a long overdue wake-up call for many. Rural authorities must take action themselves if they are to avoid being left behind by urban communications hubs, rather than waiting for a white knight that may never arrive.

Thankfully, government-led initiatives such as the Rural Communities Broadband Fund (RCBF) provide a lifeline for rural broadband projects, covering up to 50% of the costs of implementation. Additional partners, such as organisations with access to broadband services, or even local businesses that are willing to sponsor the project can also be enlisted to provide further support and bridge funding gaps. Essentially, harsh as it may seem, high-speed broadband will help those who help themselves.
Gary Barter, Telecoms and Connectivity Product Manager, C4L

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