Who will teach Computing Science?

05 Sep 2012

As a secondary school teacher, I believe that we must provide learners with the opportunity to study Computing Science at school (Sowing the seeds of digital success: An interview with skills champion Ian Livingstone). Through this subject, learners will develop resiliency, problem-solving and many other 21st century skills.

However, what concerns me is that very little support has been offered to schools. This will have consequences for students where departmental teachers have little experience of Computing Science theory and are not specialists within this area. Can students really have the best possible teaching from people who do not understand the technologies and the way in which they integrate into the broader technological landscape?

As the article states, the Computing at School group has 1,000 teachers who are able to teach Computer Science. The problem remains that as of January 2010, there were 24,605 schools in the UK. 

If this initiative is to be credible and successful, it should become compulsory that by 2014 all Computing Science teachers should have studied Computing Science (or similar) at university. After all, could you imagine Chemistry being taught by a linguist who has little understanding of the subject?

Matthew Ryder

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