Cochrane and the Lords were right to slam UK’s fast broadband rollout

16 Aug 2012

The “Vital Vision” propaganda promoted and now withdrawn from the BT website (google it) laid out a plan that was implemented for a decade. The government and many other organisations (NHS Trusts, police, Fire Service, schools, councils) were treated to this brainwashing over the years, wined and dined by the bottomless marketing budget of the incumbent, and are now incapable of making rational decisions because they don't listen to anyone else.

The altnets like Gigaclear and Vtesse don’t stand a chance of any funding or support, and it all goes to BT to patch up the phone network and keep their shareholders happy. Peter Cochrane is right to expose it, and to keep on exposing it until someone listens (Former BT CTO slams UK’s ‘visionless’ broadband plans). The Lords listened. Maybe their input will make the Commons listen, too.

Of course, BT shouldn’t be forced to do anything, it is a private company, but by the same token it shouldn’t be subsidised to upgrade assets it has neglected over the years.

It’s time to light the fibre to the altnets, and bring competition and market forces into play – to build a truly digital britain for all.

Chris Conder

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UK Broadband Strategy

So a large IT and telecoms company was wrong to attract customers like all its competitors do? Maybe, just maybe, the strategy of the likes of C&W and IBM do not find their way to the internet, but still exist.

It would be interesting to have more detail on what is meant by BT 'patching up the phone network' and soundbites like 'light the fibre to the altnets'..

Posted by: Peter  16 Aug 2012