Whitehall IT chiefs should hang their heads in shame over this ‘good news’ story

31 Jul 2012

Why, oh why, aren’t ALL public-sector projects managed better by now (Key government projects ‘on time, on schedule, and within budget’)? It’s a reflection of how far from reality government-funded IT has drifted, that one single project supposedly “on time, on schedule, and within budget” is noteworthy.

If the world was the right way up, such abnormality would be shocking. As it is, a bunch of highly paid, failed project managers, politicians and bureaucrats are patting themselves on the back and issuing crowing press releases.

And look: in the body text we find their budget has actually been increased. So even then there was a roughly seven per cent overspend.

This is not a game to be played by men in suits and Porsches: all this money has been borrowed against our children’s future. Never mind public-sector programme cutbacks, simply adopting proper expenditure control would be an excellent first step to getting debt under control.

So, to be charitable, someone’s beginning to make an effort. Fine, but applause can wait for the day these projects are all on time, and properly functional, and returning unused funds to the Treasury.

“Small is beautiful”

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