Is Elop still working for Redmond

11 Jul 2012

I predict the Elop Effect (Osborne Effect + Gartner Effect) will be studied on MBA courses for decades to come (Nokia should fire Elop and the board should go too – Jean-Louis Gassée). Not so much as a devastating move by Nokia, but as a brilliant coup by its frenemy, Microsoft, who will end up buying Nokia for cents on the dollar. After all, M$ has gathered great experience with trojans on its OS.

The Nokia board ought to get sued for corporate treason.


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what are the options?

You're on drugs. Nokia only had two choices, take a risk with WP7/8 or become another brand in the sea of android devices competing against Samsung, Apple and every other wannabe contender.
What they have done will either succeed and set them apart by supporting MS or they'll sink, which they would have done under android as well.

Posted by: Robert  11 Jul 2012


Nice work, Thanks

Posted by: Tommy McDonald  02 Sep 2012