Microsoft is losing ground to OS rivals

11 Jul 2012

Yes, Microsoft has a history in tablets and phones, but not a history that has much relevance today (Microsoft Surface: insanely brilliant or a suicidal folly?). Apple’s iOS took off on phones and tablets simply because it works well with fingers and thumbs. Microsoft took an age to catch up and modernise its OS. The battle now is between Android and iOS, for all kinds of devices – phones, tablets, televisions, etc – and eventually the more traditional desktop/laptop will fall in line too.

Yes, Microsoft has a small advantage that a tablet that can also be a true desktop/laptop is something that is currently missing, but the traditional desktop/laptop OS will gradually disappear. Why would people choose to pay hundreds of pounds for traditional desktop software when they could get exciting software of similar function for a tiny fraction of that on Android or iOS?

Bob Bobbington

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War of OS

No one can tell who will be the winner of next year or coming years on OS. No one can predict who will gain most profit in challenging IT world.
You never know who...

Posted by: John Lee  01 Oct 2012