Sheffield CIO is right to resist BYOD

04 Jul 2012

It’s all too common for people to lose “works” data or compromise security by leaving “works” hardware in silly places (Sheffield City Council CIO says you can keep your cloud and BYOD). Imagine the problems if people used their own devices. One minute it’s at work, the next it’s at home and the kids have got hold of it, the next minute it’s on holiday in some other country and then it’s back at work!

I predict a riot when somebody gains access to personal, private or critical information because some kids knew
how to use the iPad better than their parents or their parent’s IT department.

On top of this, it’ll be a nightmare for IT departments to support a million different pieces of hardware and software. They already struggle to support Windows on Dell (can’t you tell I’m public sector?).

“Geoff Vader”

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