IT departments will adapt and survive

19 Jun 2012

Whenever you see the word “cloud” you can confidently expect a follow-up slating the IT team for holding back progress (Days of authoritarian IT departments are over – Forrester Research) In effect, Forrester is describing guidelines that have been in place for years and a truth that is long established.

Many technology decisions in organisations are collaborative between the IT team that runs the back office and business teams that run the front. Much of marketing is now achieved through technology, and IT teams have been co-operating with marketing people for nearly two decades.

The big challenge now is connecting the front-office web analytics, social analytics, data analytics – user behaviour online – with back-office data like BI and ERP. That’s “big data”, and, somehow, I can’t see that busienss departments are going to make the technical decisions that this requires.

The article’s implication that IT is finished as a team is, frankly, rubbish. It might need to learn a few new skills and re-invent itself, but as any IT pro will tell you, lifelong learning is part of the job.

A cynic

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