Bad decisions + blocked drains = disaster

19 Jun 2012

When I used to work in a datacentre, most disasters were caused by managers believing hype and adopting new things before they were ready, tried and tested (Computing research: the many faces of IT disaster). That’s why lots of IT managers are wary of the cloud, and BYOD is a disaster waiting to happen.

James Hirons

In the days of the expensive mainframe when all corporate data and software tended to be held in one place, our server room was flooded twice (Computing research: the many faces of IT disaster).

Once from below: someone in the ladies next door had attempted to flush a pair of tights down the loo and they got as far as a junction of sewers buried a few inches underneath the “sealed” floor before getting trapped.

Once from above: a polythene bag had been blown into the leaf-trap at the top of a down-pipe where the main guttering should have emptied. The overflow found its way along a beam under the flat roof until it found a gap right above the server itself.


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