Google cloud will rain on IT’s parade

24 May 2012

I love the quote “it will integrate with Google’s other applications” (Google launches new cloud storage service).

This should fill IT leaders with dread as it means that the tens of thousands of students who have their coursework in the Google cloud will shortly be bringing their personal files in their personal clouds into the workplace, along with the accumulated muck and malware from the rubbish they exchange with friends.

I confidently predict that application-borne malware, particularly in Google Docs, will become a major infection vector – it’s a huge opportunity for crooks – and personal clouds will keep their malware for years, sandboxed away neatly but integrated with each new personally owned endpoint in the enterprise. 

Meanwhile, this announcement means it is all over for Dropbox, Google is going to murder them in the same way that Microsoft murdered Netscape. Get your data out folks, before they go under.

Peter Smith

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