Next-gen broadband, BT-style

02 May 2012

How many companies can afford to put £100m into the pot (Cam­bridgeshire County Council issues £100m tender for next-gen broadband)?

So what this boils down to – and it’s the same for just about every other county – is that BT will do it, in order to stop others. Only one provider will be selected, and any innovation not allowed. BT will enable cabinets in densely populated areas with a token amount of fibre to one or two technology centres – for publicity purposes. The rural areas will end up on bonded copper that will give them a couple of miserable megabits.

In short, the county will stay on copper, but it will be marketed as “fibre based”, and the whole job will have to be done again in a few years.


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Show me the money

Am sure that there are fibre deployment companies that would love to take the money and deploy FTTH to 99.8% of the UK. FibreCity are one.

Alas UK PLC as in last and current Government does not want to spend the sums of money involved for full fibre across the UK.

So its do full FTTH for 10% now, and another 10% when we have the money. Or do a patch up job that gets 25 to 40 to 90% now, and then patch up the remaining 10% through to 2020.

Australia and its NBN is a different proposition due to the economics there.

Posted by: Andrew Ferguson  02 May 2012


Bizarre comments made by Cyberdoyle!

The reality is that the council is running an open tender process and will select the bidder that it believes offers the best value whilst meeting it's criteria. Quite why anyone would criticise it at this stage, whilst at the same time predicting the winning bidder and bid is not clear.

If in fact BT does win the tender and agrees to invest £100m in the county the surely this is nothing but good news for Cambridgeshire? It is not obvious from the comments what alternative Cyberdoyle is offering. If it is a credible alternative then surely he/she should bid for the contract and win it on merit.

Posted by: New_Londoner  02 May 2012