Web service providers are failing to help clients comply with cookie directive

17 Apr 2012

It’s not just the big boys that are affected by The European Commission’s e-Privacy Directive. I, like thousands of others who run small businesses and organisations, rely on web server service companies to enable us to have websites. They haven’t altered their software for their clients to either turn cookies off, or to provide a warning and authorisation for the visitors when they land on our homepages.

I operate a virtual Neighbourhood Watch website, which, unless my service provider takes the appropriate action, I will be legally obliged to turn off after the directive comes into force on 26 May 2012.

I have been asking my service provider every month since March 2011 to turn my cookies off as I don’t need them. When I contacted them just before Easter their support desk expressed total ignorance of the directive and its implications.

I have contacted other web server service companies asking about their e-privacy facilities and not one has replied to my email.

Terry Cousins

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