Britain is already a broadband leader

02 Apr 2012

According to independent research, Britons already spend more online per capita than any other European nation (Budget 2012: 10 cities to get ultra-fast broadband). In what way are we behind the rest of Europe in e-business? We are in front.

And being technical leaders is not about internet speed – it’s about software development, which does not depend on internet speed at all. It’s all right for politicians to make this confusion. Not anyone in the business.

John Stephens

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Are price comparison sites innovative?

E-business in UK is heavily focused on the growth of price comparison sites from car insurance to broadband and back to pet insurance.

The adoption of reduced pricing for utility billing has driven a lot of people to use online billing too.

When the Government talks up Shoreditch as a source of the next Google, one is given visions of exciting businesses creating content, not just the 1950's typing pool transformed into people entering product infomation onto a comparison site.

Posted by: Andrew Ferguson  02 Apr 2012