Recruitment process needs an overhaul

21 Mar 2012

I have long held the view that the UK is more than self-sufficient in technology skills (Is the UK heading for another tech skills crisis?). The so-called “skills gap” is generally to be found between supply and demand, ie the disconnect between skills holders and those who need the skills.

In days gone by this gap was undoubtedly the basis for a very vibrant contract market. Since then, however, the skills base has grown substantially – therefore increasing the pool of available and highly-skilled people.

The paradox is that we often hear of a skills gap in parallel with tales of highly-skilled people leaving the industry. I have also heard many leavers cite frustration with the recruitment processes, feeling poorly served by agencies who don’t have the skills themselves to assess candidates properly.

Generally speaking the agencies, in defence of their short-listing processes, cite overwhelming responses to advertised posts, which seems to re-inforce my perception that the UK does not have an IT skills gap.
My challenge to the IT recruitment process – employers and intermediaries – is to devise ways of working – particularly selection – that genuinely serve both clients and candidates.

Despite the broad application of IT to dis-intermediation of other business processes, we don’t yet seem to have come up with an effective application in the area of IT recruitment.

Colin Beveridge

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