Curriculum shake-up will benefit UK plc

06 Feb 2012

I welcome the move from Michael Gove regarding the need to rethink the way that ICT is taught in schools in Britain (Gove to scrap ICT curriculum). Young people today have a relationship with technology and an affinity for computers and IT which is unique and vastly different to any other generation. It is essential to the future of the British economy that we address the shortcomings in ICT education and help school children and students to maximise their potential – failure to do this will result in a detrimental skills shortage for IT in the very near future. 

The government is taking significant action to cultivate a strong tech economy. In particular, look to the Tech City project in East London, which will create an environment for tech start-ups to grow and thrive. There is also Cisco’s own British Innovation Gateway (BIG) project, a five-year initiative, inspired by London 2012, to support growth of innovative SME tech companies and STEM (science, technology, engineering and maths) skills to build a brilliant future for Britain.

We need to build a creative, highly-skilled workforce that can drive these initiatives forward in the long term and enable continued future growth for IT. Without this, such initiatives will only deliver short-term benefits and never reach their full potential. For Britain to compete on a global scale in the tech sector, bold moves need to happen now.

Phil Smith, CEO, Cisco UK and Ireland

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