Time the DWP bucked up its ideas

09 Jan 2012

So the Department for Work and Pensions  (DWP) is moving to an open source model, eh (DWP to trial 1,000 open-source desktops)? I guess they’re not seeing the ROI on their current infrastructure. Although it does become hard to find an R when there’s no I involved. Seriously, I mean IE6? Is that in conjunction with Office 97 or Office XP? No wonder we’ve got security issues if DWP is standardised on that model.

Wake up and don’t bother wasting your time and our data security for a year because let’s face it, you won’t actually go open source. Stop playing around and invest a little in your infrastructure. Windows 7 is more secure than XP, and with IE10 out for testing, the fact that the DWP still uses IE6 is a disgrace.

James Turner

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Redmond Rhetoric?

James, I think we should know if you are one of hoards of Microsoft partners urging Government to spend money on new versions of software that delivers few of the productivity improvements vaunted?

DWP have been very prudent in managing their desktop estate over a number of years and as a result have one of the lowest per-capita cost bases in Government. At a time when the Public Sector is being forced into swingeing cuts in operational spend, it is very ill-advised of you to suggest they should invest many more millions for little gain.

Posted by: Rob Anderson  10 Jan 2012