Smart meters: the real winners and losers

29 Nov 2011

Smart meters are only good for utility company executives (The 26 million meter dash).
The theory sounds great, but on closer inspection some inconvenient facts emerge.

1: Utility bills are increasing where smart meters are installed, not decreasing.
2: Customer information from smart meters is not formatted for customers and does not change customer behaviour towards conservation.
3: Increased utility rates may decrease energy usage, but that can be done with inexpensive time-of-use meters, rather than expensive smart meters.
4: The cost/benefit of smart meters is horrendous and is being promoted to profit the utility companies and their suppliers, not customers or our society or our environment.
5: The Smart Grid does not use or require a smart meter in each home. The necessary smart information can be gathered much more efficiently and inexpensively at energy distribution points.
6: The vast amount of unnecessary and nearly useless information to be handled and stored may actually end up raising energy usage.
7: This massive smart meter programme will leave no funds for schemes that would truly bring energy-saving solutions and the public will not be receptive to real solutions after being burned by these smart meters.

Robert Williams

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