Tech startups need more state support

22 Aug 2011

I believe more must be done by the government to support technology startups otherwise the likes of China, Korea and the US will dominate the technology market and squeeze the UK out (Booming silicon roundabout ‘owes nothing to government’).

Having started my own technology company back in 2003, I can sympathise with other entrepreneurs and startups regarding how difficult it can be. The government needs to make it easier to secure funding, expert advice and mentoring to support this country’s tech scene. The UK has some great talent but it’s not being given the resources to support it.

Attracting the likes of Google and Facebook creates jobs but on the flip side, it starves UK startups of talent to help them grow and become competitive. David Cameron simply giving a speech on his government’s vision is not enough.

Peter McHugh, CEO and founder, Covalent Software

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