Managing consumerisation

18 Aug 2011

I can think of very few organisations that I’ve talked to that don’t already have some sort of consumer devices in their IT environment (Employers fail to keep a handle on consumerisation).

Ease-of-use and a relatively low price point mean that many people mix and match their devices to suit the different requirements of their jobs. How companies approach the consumerisation question needs some careful consideration, though, and quickly, because in a transition some things can get left behind.

The research and advice mentioned in the article suggest companies should support consumer devices, but this is an almost impossible task – just think of the number of possible combinations that would have to be supported. What I think will happen is that we’ll see a shift in the approach to the IS infrastructure, with a lot more focus returning to employees being accountable for doing their job. No longer will the IT team be held accountable for every piece of kit.

My message is IT shouldn’t try to have it both ways. Ultimately, “consumerisation” is the biggest devolution of power possible. The IT department can’t, and shouldn’t, try to control the device. They should just make sure the services are there, working correctly and accessibly.

Nick Kirkland, CEO, CIO Connect

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