Retrieving data from cloud

22 Mar 2011

I work for an email archiving specialist and am well aware of the rising popularity of hosted and cloud-based archiving solutions.

Being heavily involved in archive migration projects, I have first-hand experience of the complexities of moving from one solution provider to another.

The surprising fact that I encounter time and again is that people opting for, or considering, a hosted solution are typically not asking the basic questions concerning how they can retrieve their data and how much it will cost.

I think the root cause of this is the misconception that “it’s my data so I can get it back when I need to.” The reality is that yes, you can, but it will cost – often tens of thousands of pounds.

I have encountered situations where the customer has paid a considerable amount of money to get data back, only to find the format in which it has been returned is completely useless – one big data dump.

I would certainly urge anyone sending out their data to an off-premises solution to ensure they have an agreed and documented method for regaining ownership of that data in a portable format.

James Moody

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Very sound advice

Isn't this reminiscent of the origins of the HMRC losing 25 million names & addresses in 2007 - they started out by simply wanting a sample of less than 50 names to do a routine spot check audit to see if these children really existed, and the price they were quoted for the extract was so high (over £30,000 I recall), they asked for a 'dump' of the whole database instead.

Posted by: Keith Appleyard  25 Mar 2011