You get what you pay for in India

12 Nov 2010

I want to challenge the assumption of this and other articles that jobs can easily be outsourced to India (Is recent spate of job cuts a harbinger of tougher times ahead?).

I have worked for a software engineering company with sites in India and the UK and my experience was that the work done by Indian nationals was of a low quality and that in the long term half the projects done by Indian software engineers were abandoned by the customers concerned.

During my time at this firm and other companies I encountered only four Indian software engineers whom I would describe as being very capable. These four Indian nationals had all worked for at least a year for a British technical manager.

My experience is that India’s general technical weakness in IT is not caused by Indian software developers having poor degrees; indeed, many of them have first class honours degrees. The weakness is caused by the general immaturity of the Indian software industry in which, in my experience, there are almost no technical managers with more than seven years’ IT experience.

Britain should therefore be proud of its IT departments. When an IT graduate joins an established UK IT department, they have access to decades of IT development experience and within a few years can play a major role producing some of the best software in the world.

William Squyres

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Yes, to some extent, i agree with the views shared in this article. Call it the flaw in the system or the way things function here in India(Ya, I am an Indian), but yes, still there is a lot of scope for the system to improve. However, i am optimistic about it.

Posted by: Manish Arora  25 Jan 2012