VMware cannot compete with cloud

12 Nov 2010

Organisations with limited resources such as Kingston University should drop the in-house virtualisation and move to the cloud (Is VMware pricing itself out of the market?)

Using Amazon Web Services or Windows Azure would save loads of money over having in-house staff, technicians, and especially hardware. Boot up 1,000 instances in the cloud in about five minutes – boom, you have dozens of classes ready for use. All that is needed at the desk is a browser or RDC if you need to log in to a desktop.

Use Google Docs, Microsoft Office 365 or Zoho. Get rid of the hardware. Get rid of the PC tech nonsense and get to the core of functionality – SaaS apps sitting in the cloud with everything you need for studies and the day-to-day operations.

That should shave off, at least if done right, 15 to 60 per cent of the traditional IT methods used to set this stuff up.

Adron Hall

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Reader comments

Wow - that's a mighty gap in the estimated savings!

This is the problem with so-called cloud computing (I prefer to call it cloud-based solutions - C-BS, to coin a phrase - you heard it here first!). It's all well and groovy so say "you can save upto 60%", but without doing a real study of the value offered by C-BS, organisations may find themselves locked into long-term contracts (a la mobile phone and cable television offerings) that they can't get out of easily, which completely negates the perceived value that C-BS offer.

There's also the what I call 'remote call centre' effect; everything is impersonal, you can't chat to anyone from IT, like you know them and can discuss problems/negotiate projects with and so on. Because with C-BS, you either sign on the dotted line or you don't. There'll be no one left local to talk to!

Finally, there's the job loss factor. I'm involved in C-BS projects that will make the hairs on the back of one's neck stand, when one appreciates the amount of job losses that they'll lead to.

But I suppose the IT industry doesn't care about that - it's dog-eat-dog, which is a shame, because it takes the fun out of it altogether; a bit like faceless C-BS offerings.

Posted by: Zed Zee  05 May 2011