Video Q&A: Martin Schofield, retail operations director, Harvey Nichols - Part two

On the future of the IT profession and the dangers of using the term " IT-business alignment" - part two of a two-part video interview.
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Leadership-logoAs part of Computing's Tomorrow's IT Leaders campaign, we talk to the UK's top chief information officers (CIOs) to find out their views on the role of IT leaders and how this will change in the post-recessionary world.

In this video Martin Schofield, retail operations director at Harvey Nichols, talks to Computing senior reporter Angelica Mari, Colin Beveridge, chairman of the Better Practice Forum and David Roberts, chief executive of blue-chip user group The Corporate IT Forum, about his views on the future of IT leadership.

Schofield maintains that the IT department is an anachronism and future IT leaders will have to be business all-rounders - Schofield himself balances responsibility for IT, logistics and store operations.

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Click here to watch the first installment of this two-part interview, in which Schofield talks about his plans for creation of IT leadership at Harvey Nichols.

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