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19 Apr 2011 View Comments
Commodore 64 photo by Quagmire on Flickr

Dude! We find the 1980s to be mondo copacetic, so we are totally amped at the kick-ass meganews that Commodore is relaunching the Commodore 64 (Pictured above by Flickr's Quagmire)! A most triumphant way to spend £364!

Why, are you juiced, you ask?

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Hello! The C64 was mung even then. Cool your jets. It just looks like a C64, but it righteously runs Windows 7 and you can get a Blu-ray player for it, which is a total head rush. So really the only genuine 1982 thing about it is the fugly beige box it comes in.

Bombdigity or buggin? You decide, if you understood a word of what we just said.

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