Tablets in the workplace: Defining your IT strategy

By Derek du Preez
13 May 2011 View Comments
Sony's S1 and S2 Android Honeycomb tablets

Tablets in the Workplace: Defining Your Strategy

Watch our web seminar on Tuesday 12 July 2011, 11.00 GMT

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IT directors are being faced with requests from employees for an ever-increasing range of devices, and few IT departments are set up to support all the technologies on the market.

So how do you define your tablet strategy, and how do you ensure it is flexible enough to accommodate new developments in this increasingly crowded marketplace?

This brand new web seminar from Computing will take a high-level, hardware-agnostic look at the hot topic of tablets. Viewers will hear from, and get the opportunity to question, market leading hardware and software specialists operating in the tablet space, as well as getting first-hand insight into end user experiences.

Topics for discussion will include:

- Are tablets a fad, or the future of mobile enterprise IT? Your employees may want them for the "cool factor", but how do you establish whether there is a genuine business need for them?

- With an ever-growing array of tablets on the market, how do you select the most appropriate device(s) for your business requirements? Is it viable to let staff use their own devices, and to what extent can you prevent this anyway?

- What are the implications of new software applications and operating systems for Microsoft-based environments? What skills will IT departments need to develop in order to support this transition?

- With more employees working on a wider range of mobile devices, how do you retain control of your data and minimise the security risks? What is the best way to educate non-IT staff on security best practice?

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