Roundtable: Computing hosts debate on big data

We examine how to harness the data held by organisations and how to deliver business value
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Big data can include social media content, email, HTML pages, instant messaging logs, blogs, digital images, high-definition video files, surveillance footage, e-commerce transactions, call records and medical records, as well as datasets created by academic, scientific and research and development projects that process large volumes of information.

Companies analysing these huge volumes of data are concerned with risk protection and business intelligence.

Computing hosted a debate on this issue, chaired by editor Abigail Waraker, where a panel of CIOs discussed strategic issues and addressed key questions, including:

• What are the challenges in managing and analysing increasing volumes of business data?

• How do you manage and deliver business value from unstructured data?

• What are the business advantages of harnessing big data effectively?

• How can you deliver better business intelligence tools to your end users?

• How can you convince the business of the benefits to the organisation?


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