How to manage enterprise energy use - and the role IT can play

A panel of experts explore how firms can get to grips with their carbon footprint and make smarter use of energy
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After years of adding computing power to support business growth, IT leaders are now under pressure for being voracious users of electricity. Datacentres are estimated to account for two per cent of all energy use - and that doesn't include desktop infrastructure.

With firms tightening purse strings and environmental concerns rising, business leaders are looking to curtail energy spending. But IT should not be the villain of the piece - improvements in technology can reduce the power needed to operate datacentres. Intelligent management systems can conserve energy and help firms understand where they are using power and what savings are achievable.

This Computing web seminar, in association with IBM, explored how firms can get to grips with their carbon footprint, make smarter use of the energy they consume, and work together with colleagues in facilities to meet the challenges they face. Our experts answered viewers' questions to help improve their energy efficiency.

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