Video Q&A: Daniel Marovitz, COO for technology, Deutsche Bank - Part three

On outsourcing/offshoring vs skills development - part three of a three-part video interview
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Leadership-logoAs part of Computing's Tomorrow's IT Leaders campaign, we talk to the UK's top chief information officers (CIOs) to find out their views on the role of IT leaders and how this will change in the post-recession world.

In this video, Deutsche Bank's chief operating officer (COO) for technology Daniel Marovitz talks about the opportunities in IT skills development within a heavily outsourced organisation.

Outsourcing offers better prospects to UK staff, according to Marovitz, as junior employees can learn about vendor management early in their careers.

Multi-sourced IT environments such as Deutsche Bank's are a fundamental part of how companies will deliver IT, meaning process and project management expertise will become critical, as co-ordinating IT operations round the world requires specific skills.

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Watch the first two parts of the video interview here:

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