How to maximise the value of your IT networking investment

A panel of experts discuss networking strategies that deliver real value to business
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As IT systems become central to the success of organisations, the role of the network that supports the infrastructure has come under increasing focus. In too many cases, the network has been considered in isolation, when its true benefits come from integration with every aspect of technology strategy.

There are huge opportunities for IT managers to deliver greater value from their network infrastructure, reducing cost of ownership and improving efficiency and effectiveness. Today’s networks need to support a wider variety of services than ever, such as security, mobility, wireless and automation, so decisions on network strategy have considerable implications.

In this Computing web seminar, in association with Logicalis, we examined the tools, technologies and best practice in devising a networking strategy that delivers real value to the business. Our panel of experts answered your questions, and discuss how to make the right decisions in this vital area of IT management.

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