How virtualisation can reduce risk and lower costs by simplifying business continuity

A Computing web seminar examined the role of virtualisation in aiding disaster recovery
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Business continuity planning is an essential task for any organisation to minimise the effect of unexpected events – from IT security threats to technical failures or even natural disasters such as fire or flood. But a successful continuity plan often means striking a difficult balance between cost and acceptable risk. Coping with IT-related risks in particular is often seen as an expensive challenge.

The emergence of virtualisation as a tool to streamline IT operations now offers a potential solution. The ability to rapidly switch workloads between virtual servers on different sites means IT managers can now put forward a means to improve disaster recovery at lower cost.

In this Computing web seminar, in association with EMC and VMware, we examined the technologies and best practices that will help to improve your continuity strategy through the use of virtualisation. Our panel of experts answered viewer questions and discussed how this new approach can enhance risk management while reducing costs.

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