How improvements in server design are improving datacentre operations

A panel of experts answered IT managers' questions in a recent web seminar
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The datacentre has become central to today's organisation as the engine room of business-critical operations. But as the enterprise has become addicted to adding IT capacity, firms are increasingly running into the physical limitations of their datacentre: space and electrical power are now limiting the ability to expand. In cash-conscious times, simply building new datacentre is unrealistic for many – instead IT must find methods for making best use out of existing facilities.

So what are the strategies for optimising datacentre operations, unlocking capacity and driving down costs, and ensuring business growth is not hampered by inadequate IT?

A recent Computing web seminar, in association with Dell and Intel, examined the best strategies for the modern datacentre. Our panel of experts discussed the impact of technologies such virtualisation and blade servers and answered viewers' questions on the big datacentre issues of the day.

Click here to watch the whole of the free web seminar (registration required)

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