Enhancing your business agility through virtualisation

A Computing web seminar looked at best practice in implementing virtualisation
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As businesses face a volatile economic outlook there is increased emphasis on delivering efficient and effective IT. Virtualisation technology – at the server, client, network and storage level – has been touted as key to achieving a cost-effective, agile infrastructure.

However, despite the benefits on offer, virtualisation adds another layer of complexity to IT operations, presents management challenges, and involves potential knock-on effects for other parts of the IT infrastructure. Successful deployments need careful planning, as well as the participation of users, many of whom will be oblivious to the changes being made in the way IT services are delivered to them.

In this Computing web seminar, in association with F5 Networks, we examined the tools, technologies and best practices that allow firms to successfully deploy virtualisation technology, thereby reaping some of the anticipated cost-savings and improving their ability to rapidly respond to changes in the business environment. Our panel of experts discussed the ways in which firms can benefit from a carefully scoped project implementation.

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