How to create a culture of risk management in your organisation

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IT managers have become adept at introducing technology to help manage risk, but without the right processes, attitudes and education, that investment is meaningless.

Staff at all levels of the organisation need to understand the importance of best practice, to be aware of the threats and risks they face, and to treat sensitive corporate information as if it were their own. To achieve this means ingraining a culture of risk management that combines technology, processes and people.

In a recent Computing web seminar, in association with BT, we looked at the cultural and organisational aspects of effectively managing risk. Our panel of experts examined the best practices and discussed how to put an effective plan in place, as well as answering questions on meeting this increasingly important challenge.

This event was the first of a two-part seminar programme on risk management – look out also for the second seminar on how to create a technology plan to support your risk management strategy.

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