Financial Darwinism

12 Jul 2012

The great beauty of the internet is the way in which a local business can rapidly become a global business. In much the same way, it also enables a village idiot to rapidly become a global village idiot.

Even more gratifying is the way in which tools like Twitter enable the intellectual equivalent of flightless birds to get themselves royally fleeced by fraudsters more surely than Jeremy Clarkson publishing his bank account details in The Sun and defying readers to hack him. They did, stealing five hundred nicker from his account.
The Top Gear presenter, though, probably has enough money to be defrauded £500 every day for the rest of his life and still be rich. The plonkers who photograph themselves with their new debit and credit cards online and publish them on Twitter – “My credit card!! Yey!” – probably don’t.

To highlight their idiocy, InSecurity News has set up a Twitter feed (@NeedADebitCard) to post all the pictures. Surprisingly, it only has about 10,000 followers.

Backbytes has therefore used the credit card of Tamar El Dahr (“Life is too short to worry about stupid things” – you’re not kidding, love) to buy her a better camera and himself a natty 32-inch Bang & Olufsen plasma television. It would have been a bigger one, but her credit limit just wouldn’t stretch to it.

Not after 10,000 other people had bought themselves something nice at her expense. Cheers Tamar!

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