Mac users: there's one born every minute

26 Jun 2012

Quite possibly the biggest barrier to wider Apple Mac ownership is that palpable ‘air of smug’ that pervades the average user – who wants to belong to such a tribe?

But there are other good reasons to avoid Mac ownership – you might just be taken for a mug.

According to the Wall Street Journal, travel company Orbitz has found that Mac users spend, on average, 30 per cent more on their holidays than non-Mac hoi polloi, and 40 per cent more likely to book into four and five star hotels.

As such, it’s now using that intelligence to offer Mac users more expensive hotels and hotel rooms when they come looking for a holiday deal.

Which is all the more reason to avoid the Four Seasons Hotel and to stay at the Skegness Travelodge this summer. Again.

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Reader comments

Nothing like a trolling insult!

A bit of a rehash of another article elsewhere, sadly lacking the real details such as they labelled it 'a trial' and users 'had the option to use the alternative version without the supplement'.

Or it could be a swipe at mac users is always guaranteed a few more hits on the site (like this one). Nice to see the quality of journalism is higher than ever!

I sense some 'unfollowing' coming up. A shame as you could do so much better.

Posted by: Jonathan  26 Jun 2012