Tweet revenge

22 May 2012

In our chronicle of the inexorable descent into stupidity that social media is causing in those on the run from the law (see Criminally stupid), we reserve a special place for 20-year-old criminal mastermind Mahogany Mason-Kelly, a student attending Lamar University in Texas.

Mahogany had $1,877 in unpaid traffic tickets, and was so proud of it that she couldn’t help tweeting “I still gotta warrant in pearland... those pigs will NEVER catch me!!!…NEVER!!!".

The cops in Pearland, who just so happen to monitor Twitter by the clever ruse of searching for the word “Pearland”, decided otherwise. To be fair, there’s no way that Mahogany could have known they could be so cunning. Oh, and they also found out she pretended to be her sister when she got one of her tickets, too.

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