Sitting targets for death

22 May 2012

And now to the week in videogaming. Rather like the debate over whether red wine gives you cancer or stops you from getting it, gamers are either the psychokillers of tomorrow or fighter pilots of the future. Though, come to think of it, they might be both at the same time. This week there’s bad news: you’re GOING TO DIE.

Charity Lifeblood warns that sitting for hours playing video games puts you in danger of getting a deep vein thrombosis. After sitting for 90 minutes, the blood flow at the back of the knee drops by half, and for every hour spent sitting, the risk of a blood clot increases by 10 per cent.

Gamers in its survey sat for an average of two hours without moving, which presumably puts the person who was timing them in danger of a clot as well. As well as anyone in an office.

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