A model astronaut

05 Mar 2012

News that the space programme has been scaled down is not a great surprise – but we didn’t realise how far until last week, when Nasa reported that it had successfully completed the construction of the International Space Station – out of Lego. More precisely, Japanese astronaut Satoshi Furukawa has made a copy of the ISS, while on the ISS, presumably using the box of toys that they keep in the corner for when the neighbours show up unannounced. 

There are pictures of him posing with the completed space station on Collectspace. Disappointingly, he hasn’t stuck any of those cute little Lego spacemen to the outside, or had a bit of fun by attaching a giant death ray and pretending to incinerate tiny Lego Kazakhstanis. In space Lego has to be built inside a plastic bubble to stop bits floating off and accidentally banging into the button that hatches the alien eggs in the freezer.

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